Another Fine South Texas Trophy

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of hunting with Jack on numerous occasions in a variety of settings around the world. Jack has drawn from all those experiences to ensure that Rancho Encantado lives up to a hunter’s expectations. From the private landing strip (something we pilots really appreciate) to the lodge several hundred yards away, first class is the best description. Unique to Encantado is a bow pasture that insulates the main body of the ranch from the highway frontage. Although bowhunting is possible anywhere on the ranch, this area is exclusive to bowhunting and has no possible impact on any passing vehicles while still providing a quality hunting opportunity. For this reason, rifle hunters on the main ranch are afforded an even more isolated feel than is found on other similar properties.
In the fall of 2017, I took the opportunity to return to Encantado with several new friends to again hunt the elusive, big-bodied whitetails found in the Golden Triangle of South Texas. With no introduced outside genetics, Encantado is one of the few places left where a hunter has an opportunity to take a pure, South Texas buck. Jack has always said that a good hunt doesn’t have to be a long hunt and those words proved prophetic for me on the first day in a bow blind on the main ranch. That afternoon, the very buck we hoped to see stepped into sight from the thick brush surrounding the blind and stood facing us, 25 yards away. Waiting for a broadside shot seemed an eternity, but finally it happened. A perfectly placed shot took only a short amount of time to have the desired effect as the buck went less than 100yds, circling back around behind us, to fall only 20 yds away. Our hunt for whitetails was over and the sun was still shining. The next few days meant seeing many more deer and arrowing a couple javelinas, another fine South Texas trophy.