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Rancho Encantado consists of rolling mesquite-mixed brush typical of the south Texas ecosystem. Primary browse species include coma, brazil, guayacan, kidney wood, granjeno, and prickly pear.

We have been aerating to increase edge and promote regrowth of primary browse species for the last 3 years. We have 9 dirt tanks and an extensive irrigation system that services these tanks and the seven major flood plots totaling over 300 acres.

Winter fields are planted in a mix of oats, wheat, rye, triticale, alfalfa, clover, winter peas, and vetch and cover approximately 125 acres in 10 fields. Summer crops include lablab and several experimental forages covering 125 acres in 7 fields. We also irrigate 50 acres of alfalfa that we grow year-round. If our crops fail at anytime, we have 22 supplemental feeding stations to deliver high-protein alfalfa pellets and bales.

Laredo Airport

About 1 hour south of the ranch. Take the Bob Bullock loop north to IH 35. Take IH 35 north to Artesia Wells (FM 133). Take FM 133 west approximately 12 miles to the Ranch gate.

San Antonio Airport

Approximately 2 hours north of the Ranch. Take Highway 281 south to IH 35. Take IH 35 south to Artesia Wells(FM 133). Take FM 133 west approximately 12 miles to the Ranch gate.