Another Fine South Texas Trophy

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of hunting with Jack on numerous occasions in a variety of settings around the world. Jack has drawn from all those experiences to ensure that Rancho Encantado lives up to a hunter’s expectations. From the private landing strip (something we pilots really appreciate) to the lodge several […]

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2016 Hunting Season

      With the 2017 hunting season right around the corner, we are excited about what Encantado has in store.  This past year was a great success with some exceptional trophy bucks harvested, 3 exceeding the 200″ mark!  One beauty in particular was a huge framed typical with perfectly matched drop tines.  This is […]

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Joe’s South Texas Hunt

Dear Jack Brittingham,

This is Joe Schaefers, I would like to thank you for invite me, Mom and Uncle Dan to come at your ranch called Rancho Encantado in South Texas, to take my very first whitetail buck and the little javelin boar with a rifle. You and Cade Green help me shoot better and control my breathing so I can take this nice 6 year old buck known as Wiygis

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The Holy Grail of South Texas

I will always remember October 29, 2012, the day a life-long dream finally came true; I was successful in the taking of a native South Texas whitetail with over 200 inches of antler!

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Ava’s Story

Ava Buck Shot

Dear Mr. Jack, This is Ava, thank you for letting me shoot a buck. I think he is beautiful. I am going to shoulder mount him in my room. I shot the buck with a 243. At first I was nervous but Dad told me to breathe. I took 3 deep, deep breaths and I […]

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Highlight 2011

Hello Hunters, After the extraordinary accomplishment of taking a gross 220″ buck with a 196” net typical in 2010, Jack Brittingham was able to follow up in 2011 by harvesting another 220 plus whitetail at Rancho Encantado.  Entering into the season we were a little skeptical on how the deer would turn out, given the […]

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Reservations for 2011-2012 Season Open!

Dear Hunters,
As you all know the time between one hunting season to the next can be excruciating as you anticipate the outcome of the coming year. A combination of timely rainfall and a handful of maturing bucks had everyone excited about the upcoming hunting season on Rancho Encantado. As August rolled around the cam tracker photos started confirming we had the potential for an incredible year. The task now was to get them in bow range.

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