Reservations for 2011-2012 Season Open!

Dear Hunters,

Cam Tracker PhotosAs you all know the time between one hunting season to the next can be excruciating as you anticipate the outcome of the coming year. A combination of timely rainfall and a handful of maturing bucks had everyone excited about the upcoming hunting season on Rancho Encantado. As August rolled around the cam tracker photos started confirming we had the potential for an incredible year. The task now was to get them in bow range and harvested before fighting and broken tines occurred.

Jack BrittinghamMr. Brittingham made it down early in the season and closed the deal on the largest buck ever taken at Rancho Encantado. The overall gross score of this massive buck is over 220. His gross typical frame is an incredible 214 inches with a net typical score of 196 6/8ths! This ranks him 3/8ths of an inch behind the Tom McCullough head and ties the Milton Bradley buck taken in 1906. The buck has been entered in the Texas Big Game Awards and is the new number one typical breaking a 20 year standing in that category.

This got everything off to a great start and the remainder of the season did not disappoint! By the time the dust settled, another 200 incher was taken by Mr. Brittingham and several other bucks over 170 were harvested by our lucky hunters. Please take time to visit our updated trophy gallery where you can see all of our proud hunters with their trophies.

Congratulations to all of you and I hope to see you again in the future. We are now taking reservations for the 2011-2012 hunting season.

Happy Hunting,
Cade Green
Ranch Manager

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